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Experience: Miami Florida

We are a Private Investigation Agency, licensed by the State of Florida, specializing in polygraph testing and other investigations. The License numbers are A 9600316 and C9300499. Adams and Associates has been in business offering polygraph services since 1983 and in 1996, expanded its business to include private investigations. There are presently two other persons associated with the agency: both are private investigators, licensed by the State of Florida, and one is a polygraph examiner and former law enforcement officer.


Since 1983, have conducted "thousands of polygraph tests" for corporations and attorneys.

Also for many years, under contract with Miami-Dade County (Public Works Dept, Transit Dept, the Seaport and Corrections Dept.), conducting pre-employment and specific polygraph tests and other investigations. I have also conducted pre-employment polygraph tests for the Hialeah, Sweetwater, and City of Miami Police Departments.

Qualified as an Expert Witness in Federal and State Courts. Have appeared numerous times in court for the polygraph tests given for defense attorneys, Richard J. Diaz, PA, Coral Gables, and Walter A. Reynoso, PA, Miami, Florida. Also, was an expert witness in Federal Case USA v Hernandez, filed 10/18/2007, co-defendant, Nelson Morejon, represented by Richard Douglas Docobo, PA, Miami, Florida and other criminal cases at the Federal Level.

Have conducted many polygraph tests in Miami-Dade and Broward County jails and also, the Federal Detention Center for defense attorneys in the area.

Have conducted pre-employment interviews, security interviews, computer database investigations, and corporate investigations for theft problems.


Barry University, Miami Shores, Florida, 1985, with a B. S. in Pre-law and Professional Studies.

National Polygraph Institute, Miami Florida, 1982, with 252 hours of training in polygraph instrumentation, physiology, law and psychology. Following this, a one-year internship with a licensed polygraph examiner was completed in order to receive a State of Florida license to conduct polygraph tests. The polygraph instrument used,.... Ultra Scribe Model-#2122 all Electronic-analog. The polygraph technique is a Control Question Modified Backster Technique.

Florida International University, North Miami, Florida, "certificate in Personnel Administration."

Affiliations:          American Polygraph Association, since 1983, by successfully passing a stringent test. In 1985 Became a "full member" which is the highest qualification in the polygraph profession. (see above link to the American Polygraph Association.)

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